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  • Anti-parasitic shampoo with cucumber and melon

    Particularly fine and soft antiparasitic shampoo designed for hair care of all dog categories and breeds. This effective antiparasitic substance infallibly destroys fleas, lice and ticks. Its composition makes hair easy to comb and keeps it fine and soft for a long time.Instruction for use: Rub the shampoo gradually into the dog's wet hair, let work for a while, rinse and repeat the procedure. Then wipe the dog dry and brush its hair. Protect dog's eyes, ears and muzzle. In the case of eye, ear or nose internal contact, irrigate with large quantities of water.   Warning                                                                                                                In the event of a massive attack of parasites, apply the formulation the next day again. At extensive invasion of fleas, a decontamination of the environment will be necessary.

  • Anti-parasitic shampoo with aloe vera and coconut

    The medicinal product contains solution of the antiseptic substance chlorhexidine in the shampoo base. Thanks to a strong antiseptic effect the medicinal product can be used, where the washing, antiseptic and deodorant effect has to be combined.Intended for washing hair and skin of dogs and   cats, where the antiseptic, cleaning and deodorant effect is needed.                                                   warning                                                                                                       Washing can be repeated in several days, if necessary. When handling the animal, prevent eye contact with the medicinal product. In case of accidental eye contact, flush eyes with clean water flow.

  • Anti tick & flea spry

    Treatment and prevention of flea attack and associated allergies to flea bite. Treatment and prevention of louse and tick attacks.
    warning                                                                                                                     Do not use in kittens 8 weeks of age or younger. Do not use in puppies 3 days of age or younger.  Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients. Do not use in target animal species other than as specified.

  • anti prasite spot on for pets & birds

    "Kills fleas, mites, flea eggs, ticks & chewing lice.  anti parasite spot on for pets & birds.  
    Contains 0.75% fipronil toxin. 
    Killing a wide range of parasites. Suitable for weight up to 45 kg, 5 drops per 10 kg."
       warning                                                                                                                  Use with caution for cats and birds.


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Toxokil factory has started its activity since 2014 with the production of anti-parasitic drops. After several periods of extensive research and testing , the company has cotinued its activities in the field of specialized anti-parasitic shampoos and sprays. The main and important goal of this company is to produce the products that insure the health of animals and also keep the invironment.

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